Crystal Decisions
by Crystal Valley

Committed to helping farmers confidently grow healthier, more profitable farms through a data-driven approach, Crystal Decisions is the trusted leader in precision technology.


Precision Technology Solutions

Sustainable agriculture has captured attention in the last five years. Crystal Decisions will be a resource to your farm in navigating regulations, certifications, and stewardship programs available to producers.

Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP)
CSP is the largest conservation program in the United States. Crystal Decisions members will receive assistance in enrolling in these programs, advice on designing a plan for the farm, and recommendations on meeting objectives. The benefits of these programs could be increased crop yields, decreased inputs, and program payments for meeting specific objectives.

Nitrogen Regulations
Minnesota’s Groundwater Protection Rule (GRP) restricts fall fertilizer and frozen soil applications over areas with vulnerable groundwater. Crystal Decisions consultants will keep members informed of current and future requirements of the rule and help develop a nitrogen plan that is both sustainable and yield enhancing.

Manure Management Plans
Minnesota’s feedlot rule requires certain producers to develop and follow a manure management plan. For a discounted service fee our consultants will assist growers in developing and maintaining a Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan (CNMP).

A strong fertility program is critical for achieving profitable acres and is a key component of the Crystal Decisions platform.

Grid Soil Sampling
The foundation of a strong fertility program starts in the soil. Every four years your fields will be sampled on a 2.5-acre grid. These samples will measure the soil’s phosphorus, potassium, pH, organic matter levels, and other elements leading to efficient fertility decisions on every field. Every four years new samples will be taken, and a comparative analysis will be generated allowing the grower to monitor the progress that was made.



Four-Year Fertility Program
We will assist the grower in developing a four-year fertility plan. In the first two years, this plan will rely heavily on the soil sample data to generate recommendations. However, with good historical yield data we can begin to analyze factors such as crop removal and yield potential on an acre by acre basis. This four-year plan will also include recommendations on nitrogen type and timing, micronutrients, and in-season fertility.



In-Season Fertility
We will use tools such as tissue testing, Winfield’s Field Forecasting Tool, and Crystal N-Sight to help growers make profitable decisions regarding post nitrogen and foliar applications. These decisions can either protect or increase yield potential for that crop year.


The quantity of data available to today’s grower can be overwhelming. The Crystal Decisions team will make sense of this valuable information which will drive profitable decision making.

The Crystal Decisions team will gather and analyze field data to better inform decision making to maximize your returns on every farm.

Yield Mapping and Analysis
Yield mapping will provide easy visual information for evaluation and comparison of seed, nutrition, and crop protection products. These maps will be invaluable in identifying both high and low production areas of the field to aid in creating customized product prescriptions and planning for field improvements such as drainage and fertility. Crystal Decisions members will also receive a graph analysis annually comparing field productivity.


Planter Prescriptions and As-Planted Maps
The team will factor in seed genetics, historical yields, nutrition, elevation, and other yield influences in creating planter prescriptions for every field. Once planting is complete, monitor data will be collected and used to generate as-planted maps outlining the location and planting date of hybrids and varieties.

Crystal N-Sight
Nitrogen management is critical for optimum yields. Crystal Decisions members will benefit from the Crystal N-Sight program. This program offers an early season drone flight over every corn acre. The team will use these NDVI images to assess vegetation and crop health levels. That analysis will be used to produce a customized variable rate nitrogen prescription which can be used for a yield gaining post application.


Monitor Management
The Crystal Decisions team will be available to assist growers in the cab as well. They can help auto-populate hybrids and varieties, upload planting prescriptions, fix guidance lines, and provide phone support while in the field.

Climate FieldView Subscription
This $1,000 annual subscription will be provided free of charge to Crystal Decisions members who have more than 500 acres enrolled.

AgriEdge Data Entry
For the Crystal Decisions members enrolled in Syngenta’s AgriEdge Excelsior program, the data entry can be time consuming. The team will assist with this process and make sure important data is accurately entered into AgriEdge. 


Winfield Field Forecasting Tool
A new web-based crop modeling offering from WinField United that uses field-specific information, as well as data from the Answer Plot® Program and NutriSolutions 360® system, to simulate daily crop growth and development. This enables you to predictively determine optimal timing and rates for nutrient and water applications in-season.


Crystal Decisions members will receive two formal consultations annually. Meetings will be held in the winter before spring operations and late summer before fall harvest. They will first be focused on reviewing the previous season and establishing key lessons to improve profitability for the next crop year.  Consultations will then move into crop and field planning for the coming season. These meetings will bring continuous improvement to the farm year after year.

As a member of Crystal Decisions, you will receive additional precision services at a discounted price.   To accompany the 2.5-acre grid samples, members will have the option of adding Crystal Vue application at a discounted rate to fields included in the program.  Other discounted services include manure management plans, supplementary manure, soil & tissue samples.


Our FAQs

01. How long is the Crystal Decisions program?

Crystal Decisions is a four-year commitment. The ongoing consultations, the four-year soil sampling cycle, and historical data are all critical components for improving profitability in a farming operation. This commitment allows the team the time to learn, allocate resources, and to make incremental improvements each year to field profitability.

02. What happens if I am not satisfied with Crystal Decisions?

The Crystal Decisions team asks for a reasonable amount of time to show the value of the program. However, if a Crystal Decisions member is not satisfied after the first two years in the program, they can choose to discontinue the service with no additional fees or charges.

03. How is this different than what I have been doing?

In the past, many farmers have chosen to use one or two precision tools. Grid sampling would be a common example. While utilizing these tools separately can be valuable, the Crystal Decisions Team believes that learning from all available precision platforms and data analysis is the surest path towards profitability. By pooling information, cross referencing data and analysis, learning from Crystal Valley’s extensive research, and taking advantage of years of in-field expertise, Crystal Decisions can help growers make confident decisions.

04. Are your services still available separately?

Many of these services are available separately, However, it is more economical to take advantage of them as a part of Crystal Decisions.

05. How will the billing work?

Crystal Decisions membership cost will be due each year on June 30th.
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