With spring planting just around the corner, our Crystal Decisions team has put together a comprehensive, robust plan for 2021 trials, including a significant growth in field research across our service area. Last year, our team added a second research site near Nicollet, complimenting the work we’ve continued to do each year at Farmamerica. And this year, we’re excited to be able to add a third site in our southwest region between Jackson and Lakefield. All of these studies will be conducted in conjunction with the plots our team studies within our customers’ fields.

Jason Leary, Ag Technology Manager, commented, “Being able to conduct significant field studies across our entire service area is essential to our team’s research and the data-driven approach we use when working alongside our customers to confidently plan for the most successful growing season.”

With the plans finalized for the year ahead, here are the areas of focus our team will have with this year’s trials:

  • Trial Acres – Our studies will include 275 acres of research farms spread out over our trade area, with an additional 300 acres of hybrid/variety plots on customer fields.
  • Corn Focus – A primary focus for this year’s growing season will be around nitrogen, and testing different rates, products, application types, and timing.
  • Soybean Yield – We’ll be testing new products and practices in soybeans, with the goal of moving the needle on soybean yield.
  • Core Studies – We’ll continue to build on the research we’ve conducted around planting date and high management studies.
  • Replicated Corn Hybrid Plots – This year, we’ll be planting 21 replicated plots that will include 25 hybrids from 5 different companies.
  • Soybean Replicated Plots – We’ll use 14 replicated plots that compare brand new soybean varieties and traits from 7 different companies.

If you’re still finalizing your plans for the season ahead, there is still time to connect with the Crystal Decisions team so that you can approach this year with confidence. Get in touch with our team today.