Over the past month, the Crystal Decisions team has been working diligently to analyze yield data from the 2020 growing season. As agronomic experts, the team will use this data to help growers make informed decisions for the season ahead. While the full analysis is available exclusively to Crystal Decisions members,  our team shared some of the key takeaways from this year.

Jason Leary, Ag Technology Manager, gave us a high-level overview stating, “Most growers were happy with their soybean yields, with general averages of 60-65 across the area. Corn, on the other hand, ended up being highly variable across the area. Our team saw yields range from under 180bu/acre up to 240bu/acre, with an estimated overall average of 200-210.”

Precision Ag Consultant, Alee Larson spoke on the impact that nitrogen had on corn, sharing, “Without question, nitrogen played the biggest factor on corn yields this year. Most places we had high rates or overlapped passes showed a big yield increase on the yield monitor.”

For more data and insights from our team, visit our results page.

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