Preliminary Insights
This week, Ag Technology Manager, Jason Leary, provided his preliminary insights from the field.  “Yield has been variable as you travel across our trade area, but generally we are pulling some very nice corn and soybean yields compared to the past two years.  There are a lot of customers who have harvested record field averages for soybeans in 2020. With top end yield comes some big opportunities to learn and better understand what causes the yield separation between fields and management practices.

“We’ve seen some key general trends so far in soybeans. First, maturity hasn’t seemed to be a driving factor as there have been excellent yields on early to late maturity soybeans. Additionally, soybean fungicide has added 3-6 bushel to the top end.

“Overall corn yields coming in have been good, however not to the level that the soybeans were. We have seen a trend with later day maturity corn having higher yields this year with the full season we had.  Nitrogen is the big story this season, with the biggest yield influence we have seen so far.  Extra in-season nitrogen appears to have had a big affect this year as well, as we are finding that the fields with extra N in-season stayed greener longer and appear to have increased yield.”

Replicated Trials
The graph below highlights our data from our soybean replicated plots over the past two years.  On average we were +10bu/acre better than last year across all our soybean plots.

As of today we have around 70% of our replicated corn plots harvested.  This graph below is comparing average yields to the relative maturity for the plots we currently have harvested.  We will continue to update our corn plot data as we wrap up with harvest.

With harvest well under way, the Crystal Decisions team has been actively completing necessary soil sampling.  Specifically, the team has been working to compare new grid samples to the previous samples to analyze soil fertility changes over time.  With these insights, our team is able to determine what fertility programs are maintaining crop removal rates and which programs require more nutrients.

This time of year is crucial for the Crystal Decisions team in order to collect data that can be evaluated and leveraged for the season ahead. Over the next two weeks the team will be harvesting the rest of our research plots and compiling yield data to see what else we can learn from the 2020 growing season. Together with all of Crystal Valley, the Crystal Decisions team is excited to finish out this year’s harvest season and begin making data-driven decisions for the year ahead.