With harvest just around the corner, the Crystal Decisions team is working diligently to help our customers prepare for a successful end to this year’s growing season. From setting up combines to soil sampling, we are committed to helping our farmers confidently move forward with the tasks ahead to both wrap up this season and plan for the year ahead.

Combine Preparation
One focus that The Crystal Decisions team has is setting up combines for our growers. When preparing combine for harvest, there are key factors to keep in mind:

  • Variety Locator Function – One of the most important things to remember is to use the locator function on each combine monitor. This provides growers and the Crystal Decisions team with an accurate understanding of what hybrids and varieties were planted throughout each field. This data will allow the Crystal Decisions team to analyze and report how each hybrid and variety performed throughout the season.
  • Calibration – It is imperative to calibrate the combine once you get started. This ensures that the remainder of the grain will be measured correctly by the combine and monitor.

Trial Work
At the core of all Crystal Decisions research is the trial work we conduct throughout each growing season. To continuously improve and enhance agricultural practices, Crystal Decisions growers have several different trials in their fields. These consist of many things including components like fungicide trials and late season nitrogen applications.

As growers prepare for harvest, it is important to accurately measure and record these trials so that this information can be used to make potential beneficial changes to the operation. In addition to utilizing the yield monitors on combines, growers can connect with their Crystal Valley or Crystal Decisions representative to use a weigh wagon that will ensure that the measurement is accurate for these trials.

Soil Sampling and Crystal Vue
Fall soil sampling is just around the corner. We will be out mapping soybean ground with our Crystal Vue machines as well this fall.  While collecting soil pH, OM, CEC, and electrical conductivity readings on the go, this tool will help create accurate soil maps. Collecting around 8 pH samples per acre, the Crystal Vue can dial in precise lime prescriptions. The Crystal Decisions team is currently gathering lists for the fields that need sampling this fall. The team is available to assist with any soil sampling you may have, and this can be lined up by connecting with your Crystal Valley representative or by contacting our team today.

As you move forward with preparation for harvest, know that our team is eager to assist you in closing out this year’s growing season, and has the research and expertise to help you confidently make decisions for the year ahead.