One of the most common topics our team discusses with our growers is nitrogen. From the ideal timing for side dressing to application type, producers are always looking for ways to be more effective during this time of the growing season.

The Crystal Decisions team uses tools such as tissue testing, Winfield’s Field Forecasting Tool, and Crystal N-Sight to help growers make profitable decisions regarding post nitrogen applications. These decisions can either protect or increase yield potential for that crop year.

Recently, we had the opportunity to chat with Jason Leary, Ag Technology Manager for Crystal Decisions, about recent research they’ve done. “Over the past three years, our team has conducted rigorous research around in-season nitrogen including side dress timing, products, application type, and rate. What our data has shown so far is that in most cases, split applying nitrogen has produced a positive ROI. And, while timing is a factor, it has not proven to be as crucial.”



Jason continued to state that, “We have seen strong results from applying early at V5 all the way up to tassel.  In 2019 we found a +3.4bu advantage to using our Crystal N-Sight variable rate Y-drop application compared to a flat rate.  Most of our variable rate prescriptions are based around a combination of soil OM%, elevation, and drone NDVI images. This year we will be using tissue samples along with the Winfield Field Forecasting tool to help determine a rate for the in-season application.”



Throughout our team’s research, one tool that’s been invaluable to our team to manage in-season nitrogen is the Winfield Field Forecasting tool, which allows us to conduct web-based crop modeling to “stimulate growth and development [in order to] predictively determine optimal timing and rates for nutrient applications in-season” (source).

This, along with the other tools, resources, and unique expertise offered within the Crystal Decisions program enables our growers to confidently answer all of their nitrogen questions and enhance fertility in their fields.

To learn more about Crystal Decisions and the ROI it can have on your operation, connect with our team.