With planting wrapping up, growers are shifting to other critical aspects of their operations, including soil sampling. The Crystal Decisions team knows just how crucial this task is to best understand soil nutrients and what it will take to maximize ROI in each field.

Alee Larson, Sustainability Specialist for Crystal Decisions, said, “We know that soil sampling is the foundation to most operations. It allows growers to have an understanding of what nutrients are available in the soil, which allows the them to apply the appropriate nutrients at the appropriate rate. This can allow growers to continue to monitor their Return on Investment (ROI). This is something that Crystal Decisions was founded on as we believe that soil samples are the building blocks for the whole precision platform.”

The Importance of Soil Sampling
While soil sampling has always been important, the changes in crop and fertilizer prices have now made this practice essential in enhancing profitability for operations. University of Nebraska – Lincoln, recommends that when collecting soil samples, it is important to “credit other nutrient sources, such as legumes, manure, and irrigation water” to be able to make the most informed decision possible (source).

The Crystal Decisions Approach
The Crystal Decisions team strives to provide the most efficient and accurate soil sampling process through the use of hydraulic probes. We are proud to be able to incorporate a number of Wintex 1000 Soil Samplers, which allow us to take a completely homogenous sample.

Our team’s preferred sampling method is using 2.5 acre grids or point sampling, which allows us to best understand yield-limiting factors in fields. The team uses the same GPS coordinates for each soil sample every time we grid a field.  This allows for accurate sample comparison each time new samples are taken. The approach our team takes enables us to generate the most effective data for each field so that our growers can confidently make decisions to maximize the ROI for their operations.

As you gear up for summer soil sampling, be sure to connect with our team to discuss any questions you have. We are ready to support area growers in executing a data-driven approach.