Committed to pushing to the next yield level and increasing our customers’ profit per acre, our Crystal Decisions team got started with our planting date study plots on April 7, 2020. With an overwhelming amount of new ideas, tools, and technology, our goal is to help our customers make practical, data-driven decisions more easily in order to maximize profits in their fields. Our 2020 test plots will enable us to gather first-hand, local data that we can leverage to generate agronomy results that can be used to impact your return on investment in the years to come.

Our team is excited to share the details behind this year’s planting date study.


2020 marks the third year of Crystal Valley’s precision technology team conducting planting date studies on corn. Here is our plan for the season ahead:

  • Hybrids & Maturity – We’ll be testing three different hybrids and maturities (99-day, 104-day, and 109-day).
  • Details – We’ll conduct the same study three times throughout the spring to achieve our maturity dates, and then we’ll continue this study next year with the same hybrids planted in early April, late April, and early May in order to compare results year-over-year.


This will be the second year of our team conducting a planting date study for soybeans. Here is our team’s plan:

  • Seed Treatments – We’ll plant the same variety with three different seed treatments as well as an untreated check.
  • Population – Each of the three treatments will be planted at 140,000 population and will be done throughout the spring.

Replicated Corn & Soybean Variety Plots

The Crystal Decisions team plans on including 25 hybrids from Dekalb, LG, NK, Croplan, and Mycogen in this year’s replicated corn plots. This same plot set will be planted at 22 different sites spread out over 12 of our locations in order to generate the most comprehensive data.

Soybeans will include 28 varieties from Asgrow, NK, Mycogen, Croplan, LG, Credenz, and Stine. Our team will be evaluating the different trait platforms from Enlist, Xtend, and GT27, and will have 12 different plot sites spread out over 9 of our Crystal Valley locations.

Additional Trial Work

On top of these studies, our team will also be conducting trials on:

  • Planter closing wheels (factory, spiked, and 2-staged closing systems)
  • In-furrow liquid fertilizer on both corn and soybeans
  • Tillage application options
  • Nitrogen programs
  • Fungicide

We know that you only get one chance to set the stage for each growing season. Our team’s goal is to utilize these rigorous studies so that each of our customers can make informed, practical decisions to maximize profitability for their operations.

Interested in learning more about our 2020 studies? Connect with our team today.