Syngenta’s well-respected farm management program, AgriEdge, provides growers with a “full-season view of your operation with field-level insights, business-level analysis and whole-farm results” (Syngenta). When developing the Crystal Decisions program, Crystal Valley knew that AgriEdge needed to be a core piece of the program to enable growers to fully leverage this data-driven tool to increase profitability.

Our Crystal Decisions team knows that this tool is invaluable to our farmers. They identified the top advantages of AgriEdge that our producers can use to truly enhance their operations.

Identify Productivity
The data analysis available within AgriEdge allows growers to determine their most productive fields, and confidently make decisions around necessary changes to fully leverage those fields.

Cost of Production
AgriEdge provides a clear and detailed outline of your cost of production. Especially during prepay season, this is an enormous benefit and allows farmers to efficiently plan for each season.

Profitability & Breakeven
Designed with profitability as one of its core pillars, AgriEdge provides whole-farm management that “allows for field-level profit measurement. Field-by-field monitoring helps zero in on individual areas where profit margins can potentially be increased” (Syngenta).

This detailed data provides insights into each component of an operation. From determining which fields to invest in products like fungicide and fertilizer, to understanding the breakeven within each field and the overall operation, AgriEdge provides Crystal Decisions growers with the data-driven approach they need to increase profitability with confidence.

The Crystal Decisions Advantage
While this tool is extremely detailed and advanced, one drawback we heard from our producers was that data entry can become time consuming. As a Crystal Decisions customer, our team assists with this process and ensures that important data is accurately entered into the tool so that you can fully leverage the data you’ve collected. Here’s an example of the summary report.

To learn more about AgriEdge and how it is incorporated into Crystal Decisions, connect with our team today.